One of our core values here at lsd is respect. Respect for the planet and all its citizens. This has pretty much been the core of our business since we started over 50 years ago – guiding our struggle for fair conditions and a responsible use of resources in a small-minded, conservative industry. We know what it takes to fight against traditions, structures and exploitation. But we also know that change is possible.

Here at Lsd, we acknowledge the responsibility we have towards people. Not only the people in our direct vicinity, but also those working in our supply chain in various countries. We operate our own production facilities & some not own our own production facilities, but still take the responsibility for the various people whose lives we are affecting.

There are a lot of women working in the textile business. It is important that they receive the same treatment and salary as men. Several of our suppliers have educational programs helping socially vulnerable women and other arrangements that improve their lives.

As a global vendor, we truly believe in the ideals of equality, justice and respect. We carry with us an understanding of the need for balance in life, and appreciate the importance of human values such as family, friendship and love. We believe that cooperation is the key to success. Because we all share a common responsibility for the future.

With dedication and unity & sensitiveness towards Enviornment – we can change the world together.