The fashion industry has a lot to answer for when it comes to taking care of people and our planet.We design & manufacture for a new tomorrow.Determined to be one of the game changers. We take action by sustainable innovation.

Our Vision

To innovate, to enhance, to provide best-value products and services to global customers, while also making a sustainable world for present and future generations.

Our Strengths

LSD Lifestyles boasts of its infrastructure, goodwill, network of people and resource facilitation to achieve its Vision through our Core Values.

Our Promise

Provide safe working conditions, empower and uplift local communities, and protect the environment.


We Value Each Other. We seek & benefit from diverse people & perspectives. We strive to create mutually fulfilling relationships & partnerships.


We strive to be the best. We are always learning, always improving. We set high standards, we stretch to exceed them and we celebrate success.


We are passionate. Our curiosity and customer insights drive our growth. We cherish our Brand and we are creative & courageous in pursuing its full potential. We are innovative & constantly searching for new ideas.


We give ourselves the freedom to succeed. We trust each other, we are open and seek challenge and we respond quickly to the opportunities this creates.


We are proud of what we do and how well we do it. We believe in responsibility with the highest standards of integrity. LSD Lifestyles’ management team comprises of seasoned managers and experts, whose backgrounds and experience make them ideally suited to their respective roles.